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Welsh Dressers

"Our speciality", from exact copies to modern interpretations

Gareth is a gifted furniture maker who is equally at home working in traditional and contemporary modes. In recent years we have commissioned him to make two pieces for our home in Presteigne, both of which we love and have been greatly admired. A traditionally styled oak Welsh dresser that he made was based on photographs and measurements of a 19th century dresser, in the possession of our family, that originated from a Merionethshire farmhouse.
Gareth Jones and Avriel Reader

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My attention to quality

Welsh Dressers come in many forms from simple to complex, small to large, all with one thing in common - to show off and to store your favourite belongings.

We have made many dressers over the years and consider them as a speciality, typically using Oak that is handpicked and only using the most interesting and highly figured grain. Traditional skills are used to make them, hand planing the wood, hand cutting dovetails, and using machines to a minimum. This the only way to give a piece of furniture the unique look of the originals.

We try to encourage the finish to be left natural as they would have been hundreds of years ago, but we are happy to match the finish to whatever you desire. These pieces are a real investment and take many hours to make; a few stock pieces may be on view from time to time, so please get in touch for more details. We also offer a full restoration service.

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