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Gareth Gwatkin

I am professional cabinet maker, based in the Marches. Over 25 years I have become an expert in supplying high quality, handmade furniture. I make unique designs and traditional styles, constructed out of your choice of attractive woods that look amazing in any home or setting.  Read more....

The Beauty that is wood

Wood is a natural living material which has been used for thousands of years. I use oak, elm, sycamore, beech, cherry, walnut, both English and American, and many other species. All woods have their own unique characteristics. From tiger oak to fiddle back sycamore, wood does not have to come from far flung places. It is here on our doorsteps waiting to be made into beautiful things. I try to use local wood that has been dried naturally, making something that will be alive for hundreds of years. I use time honoured skills that take years to develop, and work in a modern well set workshop. It’s the ideal setting to create the beauty that is wood.

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